The right train

Don’t miss the opportunity to know Him as well as you could. Be one of those who truly understand His heart and His desires. Don’t wait for others to pioneer the way. Be a pioneer yourself. Find out who else shares the same passion. There is a difference between seeking what He wants and deciding what you think He needs. You may be well meaning with your heart in the right place. However, good intentions are simply not good enough. He asks you to be led by His Spirit not by the best of intentions.

Passion will get you there but wisdom will make sure you get on the right train.

The Bible talks about a grain of wheat having to die first before it germinates and sprouts. Your desire for your own ministry has to die before it can germinate and fully grow. He wants the conditions to be right. In due time it will bear fruit. He is going to a lot of trouble for you! He is expecting to see lots of fruit from you. He is a brilliant gardener. His pruning can sometimes seem a little ruthless. He certainly is not sentimental. Consider Him an expert in getting the most out of you.

There is no end to His government. There is no limit to His goodness and grace. His favour will rest on you. It is nothing to do with your ability but everything to do with His grace. His dream is that His abundance will be seen in and through you.

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On His terms

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. You always have the choice to get off but the ride stops if you stop. This journey with Him is on His terms not yours. That is what ‘follow Me’ means. Worry will put the brakes on. Fear will weigh you down. The whole experience will grind to a halt until you stop expecting failure. You may not like roller coasters but this journey with Him will be a roller coaster that you will enjoy. It will be very exhilarating. Be prepared for events to happen fast. Be prepared for long slow build up. Expect sudden changes in direction. There may be no warning. There will be surprises at each and every turn.

How much more you will see by staying on the journey. The key is in following Him. If you want to create your own route then do it by all means but it won’t be His path mapped out for you. He has His best for you. Those who map out their own destiny are missing out on a great adventure. Our own ambitions can blind us to His eternal purposes because He hasn’t shown you the full picture yet. He wants to know who is following.

He has a soft spot for those who face challenges for Him. They are not usually the high profile people but humble misfits. Those whom the world hasn’t noticed but He has. Let there be no mistake He is not impressed by anyone’s achievements.

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Persevere and trust

There is very little to say except persevere and trust. Watch out for the lies arriving from your past. They will be subtle but disarming. Anything that causes you to worry, fear or panic is not from Him. You are not immune from the attacks of the enemy. The enemy will try everything in his powers to distract you. So stand firm and do not yield.

Don’t give the enemy a foothold. Don’t allow him any room in your life. Don’t let those thoughts have space in your head. Those thoughts will abuse you.

The Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance what He has said to you in the past. Even those from many years ago, long forgotten. He doesn’t have a memory problem. Much of which you will have forgotten. He has placed a seed inside which has to die before it can start to grow. This seed is getting ready to germinate. The conditions for growth are nearly there.

Don’t let arrogance and pride prevent the seed from dying. Those two twins can prevent you doing what is already in your heart. Consider yourself ready whether you feel it or not. He thinks you are ready, trust Him, He knows. You don’t have to be the finished article. You will always be ‘being got ready’ so it is not an event it is a process.

The path He is about to take you on is full of twists and turns. It is not a straight line like a canal path. Although to Him it is as straight as a die. To you it will feel anything but. To complete the path will require complete trust in Him. Having total reliance on Him and through this you will only be able to boast in Him rather than in your ability. You will know it is Him. No-one can take that away from you. Boasting in Him is far better than taking pride in your own ability.

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You were bought at a price

Everything was paid for. That means you get everything He has because you are not a slave but His son. You inherit everything He has. Do not think anything you give away or sell as loss but as an investment in obtaining your inheritance. The more that dies to self-interest the more of you that comes alive. Instead of being focussed on the here and now, you have an eternal perspective which changes everything. You gain increasing favour with Him as you persist and persevere. As you overcome you grow in stature in His eyes.

Heaven rejoices when they see you win any victory, small or big. Keep moving forward don’t settle for ‘that’ll do’, don’t let enough be enough. His government, power rule and reign is increasing as you increase in stature. Don’t think small and provincial. Think big and worldwide. You may start as small as a person who doesn’t see what he or she is capable of. What He sees is a leader. You will lead something, even if it is just yourself. Leadership is more than a title or position.

You have been bought with the most precious blood of Jesus. That blood wasn’t for nothing. You cannot afford to be lukewarm. So be hot. Be on fire. Be passionate for Him. Don’t believe the lie that you’re not able or of little consequence. You are more than able because He is able and He says you are.

He is faithful and true. Be faithful to Him. Be full of faith and believe the truth. Do not allow one lie of the enemy to have a place of residence in your head or your heart. Contend for the truth. Tell people how much He loves them. Tell them about His goodness and kindness. Demonstrate His goodness. Fear Him but do not be afraid to get close to Him.

As you grow in favour with people and with Him, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. You will find people compelled to help you but they will not really understand why. Just enjoy the mystery in all this. He is bringing to pass what He has had in His heart all along. He wants all people, everywhere, to see His glory.

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A lack of sentiment

He is not asleep, He is busier than ever. You are an integral part of Him and He lives in you. His hand and powerful anointing rests on you. There will be opposition to what you are about to do. You can be sure of that and some of that will be your own doubts and uncertainties. Just give Him your full attention and do not dismiss anything He says about you no matter how much it doesn’t resonate.

You cannot afford to be sentimental not when the lives of people are at stake. Their eternal destiny is in the balance. He wants you to tip the balance in their favour. Don’t worry about hurting peoples feelings or treading on their toes. Sacred cows will be destroyed! Remember He is the king of Kings and Lord of Lords and you are doing it for Him not to please people. He is the creator of heaven and earth and He calls the shots. He is their creator and we all are answerable to Him. Let us give people a good answer to the faith we have in Him.

We often forget that He is a jealous God. Do you think He cares about a golden calf? He cares more about the millions who live a life in darkness and torment, who are blind and deaf to the truth. He will not let any idol stand in His way. Especially one that keeps people in the dark and offers no real hope.

He has called you as He called Moses to remove all idols who do not have the power to save or help. He is the living God and He has the power to heal and restore. He will restore families and heal lives. You are to be part of that demonstration. Walk as Jesus walked. Teach as Jesus taught. For Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus never hesitated to act according to the Father’s will and wishes. He is the Son with whom He is well pleased. Now you can be a son or daughter with whom He is well pleased. Do not shrink back or hesitate from His calling on your life.

He may speak very bluntly to you but His love for you is none the less for it. You will have a lot of fun and there will be thrills in what you are embarking upon. There will be tears and frustrations as well but it will be worth it. It is a serious matter but you do it all from a love that is filled and fuelled with His joy. Just remember it is not all about you but He needs you, you are vital to His plans.

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The favour of God

His favour can seem like a mixed blessing. It all depends on how you define it. It all depends on your perspective. His favour isn’t the same as success, comfort or easy. It can look anything but.

He has called you by name. You have been called by His Name. His favour doesn’t make sense to this world. They expect to see increase in money, wealth, power and influence. These are two completely different cultures or realms. They don’t match up. They don’t add up or even overlap.

The natural law of physics doesn’t apply to the Heavenly Kingdom. It has a completely different governmental system. You don’t get to vote. It is not a democracy. He is King by virtue of being the Creator. There is peace and joy, with no strife and striving. A place of permanent peace. There is no worry because there is nothing to worry about. Fear is cast out.

He has called you to a great task. One that is way beyond your capabilities but not beyond His. If you are willing He will demonstrate just how good He is and how wonderfully He can work through you. He will show you how powerful He is and how willing He is to reveal His goodness and kindness. The question is are you willing to enter into His kingdom and live under His rule and reign? He has prepared you for such a time as this. He has kept you hidden and now wants to reveal you. You are His secret weapon to destroy the works of the enemy.

You may not see yourself as anything significant. He does and He is opening a door for you but it is up to you to walk through it. It will take you into another realm. A realm of infinite possibilities. One where the impossible is normal. There is no limit to the increase of His kingdom. See His kingdom increase in your place of influence.

You may feel that you have had a slow start but it has been necessary to prepare your heart for the coming battles. You will war against disease and sickness as well as apathy and indifference. Your interaction with other believers will awaken sleeping giants of faith. Both men and women who have heard the call. Don’t underestimate what He will do through you. Don’t be intimidated by people. Don’t be overawed by circumstances or events.

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A destiny not yet written

He knows what and where your future destiny lies. You are perfectly suited to the plans and purposes He has for you. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Stop putting yourself down instead build yourself up. You have the capacity to be something significant. In His eyes you already are. You can be an encouragement to so many people. Those that you have yet to meet. He must be the main thing in your life, the main purpose for living. You will be richly rewarded in this life and the one to come with true riches. Be encouraged, seek Him, do not stop looking at Him and looking for Him.

You will meet people who are hungry and thirsty for Him. There will be so many it will surprise you. Look to Him for wisdom and understanding. He has and will bring people across your path to help you on your journey. You will see His favour rest on your life. A few people will wonder and marvel where you got it from. It is from the secret places with Him. It is the time you have taken to lay down your life for Him. To cast aside personal ambition. It is what you have done for Him out of sheer love that gains you the greatest favour. It is never busyness, activity or achievements. It is in the secret place quietly submitting everything to Him.

There is power in the cross. Most just see two pieces of wood. But His blood has been shed. It lies there on the ground forever. It can never be reversed. His blood cleanses all of us from all sin. It heals all sickness. It deals with the hurt, the loneliness and despair. As you get to know Him you will start to understand the full extent of what He did for you on that day. For many it can be just symbolic, but even that can give people comfort, it is an intensely personal thing, between you and God.

The battle for you was won on that day but the war continues. There is nothing else you need to do except believe it. Everything He did on that day He did for you. You have to understand the implications for you personally. What He did for you has to be real before you can share it with anyone else. They are more than just words. You are an overcomer and that by the power of the cross. You are a living example of the power of the gospel. You will have the legal authority to demonstrate His power. It will silence the critics and give hope to many. You will still find people trying to achieve the same thing without Him.

You will know what to say and do. You will have your secret place, the hidden place. It is a place for you and Him alone. It is where you create your history and build your favour. That favour will only be seen when He demonstrates it publicly.

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A catalyst for change

Pressure may be put on you to conform and perform to other people’s expectations. At work, home and church. There are some very powerful forces at work. Ultimately prevent His gospel from being heard and seen. Recognising these forces at work in you and on you is the first stage of overcoming. They can be overcome. Jesus knows all about them and what you can do about it.

You are meant to change and influence culture not the over way round. You can change your environment. I would go as far to say that is why you are there. He is greater than any pressure on you and He lives in you. You are His ambassador in the workplace.

People are very often unaware of His goodness and kindness. Instead they are expecting judgement and condemnation much more than His kindness. He wants you to break the mould and do what others are too afraid to do. They may well not understand what you are doing or even why. Many will be at a loss as to what is motivating you.

If you want the blind to see; the deaf to hear; the lame to walk, then there is nothing stopping you. You can play a significant part in setting the oppressed free. He wants this for you and He wants you to grow in this.

You will be a catalyst for change, you will shift atmospheres and change perceptions. There is so much to do and He has so few who are even considering making this their life’s work. Whatever He has called you to, He has given you the resources and tools to do it because He is going to do it through you.

He has given you a strategic role to connect people to Him so that they too will be influencers in their own way. He has a master plan and it includes everyone. Help people to realise what it is that they have. Not just what people tell them they think they need. You can help facilitate this.

Take time to consider how to enjoy His Presence. Lethargy or apathy is often part of the spiritual attack or resistance. It takes discipline to be focussed on Him. He has not brought you to a place of failure but to the point of your greatest breakthrough. Your victory is assured and it will be good to rejoice in Him and in Him alone. He knows your desires and wants. You are not a problem to Him. He knows your failings and weaknesses. He does not see that as a problem. You are not a problem. There is nothing in you now or from your past that you need to be afraid of. Grace abounds.

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A day to remember

Today is a day to remember. As you look back to what has happened over the last year, believe for more. Treat each day like that. As if the start of a great adventure and be thankful for the past year. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Whatever you set your mind to do, expect to succeed. Only be led by His Spirit. Your desires will not necessarily be in conflict with His desires. He gives you freedom to do as you please. How much you are led by His Spirit is up to you. You can choose to level out at any time. If you have had enough or you decide too much is too much. That will always be your decision.

There is a cost to following Him. Your first step is crucial. This means yielding your right to Him. It also means giving up your free will to Him and doing it willingly. You needn’t worry about finances for He will provide. You may need to sell or get rid of things so that they don’t clutter your life. This may be difficult because you have so much invested in things that it is often hard to let go. You can’t take it with you anyway. Where He wants to take you requires a light load. Excess baggage will only weigh you down. It will be hard to wrench yourself away from those things but it is an important decision and one you don’t make lightly. You will have to make certain of that decision every day. This is assuming you want to follow Him. You need to settle that in your mind and in your heart.

Many of your challenges and trials are a training ground for your future. Although hard to see it now much fruit will come from this time. You are more ready than you think but there is always more preparation. Your future may be becoming clearer but you will still have many questions. You may wonder how anything could possibly happen around you. Leave that up to Him. Just get yourself ready and be willing for anything. The finances are His department if that is your concern. He will show you what to do. It will all become clear in the fulness of time.

Feed yourself with good food. Rest well and get ready to move and act at a moments notice. Don’t take a sledgehammer to everything but patiently chip away at what needs to be done. Somethings may need a sledgehammer approach but other things just need a simple tap to open it up. Sleep if you need to sleep. Exercise if you need to exercise. You are not led by the desires and needs of the body but neither are you to neglect it. Keep mind, body and spirit healthy at all times.

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Powerful love

He is releasing you from the past. That act changes your future. By forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past you have affected the outcome of that incident. You have changed your history and transformed your future. The timeline from that event to the present day has changed. The pain of the intervening years has been erased.

Be a powerful person. For His power is His nature, His heart. It isn’t a lifeless force it is His Spirit. His power is a demonstration of His love. You heart yearns for miracles, healings and a demonstration of His Presence. You want to see the dead raised, the sick healed, demons kicked out of people. You long to see people set free from torment, from guilt, sin and shame.

It may seem that you are the only one who wants that. That would seem lonely if it were not for Him. Some people may not understand the passion you have. But the lost, the hurting, the lame, the sick will love you because they will see that your heart is the very heart of God. Your passion and love is for Him first. Then let it overflow to others. That love is one and the same. That love for Him and for others is intertwined. You cannot love Him without loving others and you cannot love others with first loving Him.

Set your mind and heart to discover the secrets of fellowship with Him and the power that is in that relationship. This love and His grace is not a physical power governed by the laws of nature. It is a spiritual power derived from a life giving Spirit. It is ultimately more powerful than anything you can see around you. It overrides the natural realm every time. When you grasp this you will speak with a confidence and authority you never knew you had.

His power is made perfect in weakness. You may not be strong and powerful as the world sees and measures it. Yet you are strong and powerful in His eyes and even in the eyes of the enemy. The enemy fears and trembles at what you have become and what you are capable of. The enemy is determined to thwart you by tipping you off balance. The angels are longing to see the outcome and result of your power encounter with Him. Be prepared for battle. Be prepared for war. With the sure knowledge of victory and certainty that Jesus is already the winner. Choose to follow the victor. His blood was spilt for such a time as this. Go and bring life to this world. You are a blessing to many.

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