Be intentional

He made us to be relational. When we meet for a Sunday service we are meeting together but we are not meeting each other. Yes, we will greet each other, say ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’ Etc. Our replies are usually in the order of ‘fine’, ‘could be better’ or ‘not too bad’. The weather is also a very useful safe topic of conversation.

How well do you know people in your church? When was the last time you had a meal with them or a coffee? Is it only with those you get on with? Do you know enough about them to pray specifically?

The church gathering on a Sunday is not the place to have deep and meaningful conversations. Neither is it when you are having coffee afterwards. It has to be deliberate, intentional.

This is also true of our relationship with God. Don’t keep Him at arms length. Don’t confine Him to the pages of a book. You can’t keep Him at a safe distance. Neither do this with those who you share your Christian walk with. Spend time getting to know each other. It is imperative. It is vital.


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Afraid of asking?

He is a good Father. He loves you and accepts you. He loves you the way you are but He loves you too much to leave you like that. He is for you not against you. You can trust Him like no other.

If you are afraid to ask Him because of what He might say then it is likely that your perception of Him is based on a lie. I can’t put it any less blunt. If you are not listening to Him the question is who are you listening to?

Let’s be straight He isn’t just a warm cuddly Father Christmas type figure He is also Judge. He is not sentimental yet He remembers your good deeds. If you are getting mixed messages that is because He is manythings all at the same time. He is not like you and me.

However, in Jesus He demonstrated His nature, His heart and His passion. When you look at the life of King David and listen to what God said about Him you begin to realise that there is more to Him than is written in a book. He is in the book but He is also to be experienced.

You are meant to be having a relationship with Him, as a son/daughter, a friend, a servant etc. All of them at the same time. So why are you afraid to ask Him, talk to Him or listen to what He has to say?

You will stand before Him one day. Now is the time to find out what He has to say not then. Then is too late. Ask Him now and you will be surprised how pleased He is that you asked.

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Money is a thing

Money is a strange thing it is neither real nor abstract. You can hold it but what you are holding isn’t worth anyhting as a piece of paper or a piece of metal. It is a promise, an agreement to carry a value.

You can use it to exchange your time working in an office with a burger at MsDonalds. You get paid a salary which is in the form of money and you are free to do with it as you please.

In heaven there is no money, there are no goods and services, no jobs to go to etc. That doesn’t mean there will be nothing to do but that is another story. So why does money get us in a muddle?

I want to find out exactly what He thinks about money, wealth, finances, prosperity and poverty. I have views, thoughts and ideas. I know scriptures and I know what I have been taught and told but it is good to ask the question and more importantly to ask Him the question.

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Meeting driven christian lifestyle

First off I am not saying anything against meetings. Every time two or more people get together they are meeting. However how we view church is often based on either the institution or the meeting on a Sunday. We use phrases like ‘if only the church…’ or ‘I’m going to church…’.

We use these expressions all the time, I do but they don’t really convey what church is and sometimes it is helpful to use a different word to express it. So the word ‘Ekklesia’ can help to redefine what He means by The Church.

How we define it as traditionally a meeting of people in a certain place at a certain time on a certain day to sing praises to Him and hear someone teach from the bible. That is a gross oversimplification but the elements are there. There is structure and there is purpose.

We even measure people’s performance by their attendance. We mark the worship team out of 10 and the preacher/speaker out of 10, and even dream up better ways for the pastor or vicar to do a better job. The focus centres around the meeting on Sunday and everything else flows from that. The prayer meetings, the children’s work, youth or the Homegroup during the week.

Often this can mean a separation of the secular and sacred. That is church, this is work and this is family. Church becomes something we go to or have done to us. That is not His deepest desire or His ultimate plan. There is more, far more.

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Let Him be the measure of you

She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.
(Mark 14v8)

Do what you can, do not measure yourself against anyone else.
Do not beat yourself up but rather accept His forgiveness for what it is.
Unite yourself with Him and love Him with all your heart, nothing else really matters.

If you compare yourself to others, stop it.
Do you feel as if you let Him down, disappoint Him or underachieved?
Remember that you did nothing to earn His love.

Ask Him what He thinks about you.
Ask Him how He feels about you.
Ask Him what He wants you to do, today and in the future.

Write down what He wants you to do.
Find out what pleases Him.
You are a pleasure and delight to Him.

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Asking Him the right question

There are two ways to ask a question, open and closed. I realised that I was using both. I was asking Him should I do such and such a thing and the answer was either yes or no or you choose (unhelpful sometimes). The other times were more open ended, like what should I do in a specific situation. So what you may ask.

The challenge I face with the first, closed questioning I am choosing the flow and I have to either accept or reject what He says. This is where it can be hard to want to hear for fear that He is going to say no to something you were rather hoping He was going to say yes to.

The second, open style question has a different challenge because you have given Him the floor and you have to be prepared for whatever He says against a background of your own thoughts and the suggestions of others.

Hearing clearly to answers to both sets of questions is the crux of the matter. It is training ourselves to hear and trusting that we have heard Him and not some random thought in our head. Also it is whether you really trust Him and that depends very much on how much you know Him.

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How you can hear God

He has written a book about you

It is in heaven

He wants you to read it

Spend time with Him

He has a lot to tell you

You are a spiritual being

You live in a body

You have a mind

He has created you with the ability to hear HIm


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Ekklesia (a brief definition)

“The word Ekklesia is the word translated church from the Greek.

This word means the judicial, legislative and governmental people of God.

It speaks of a people that have been granted legal positions on Earth and before the Lord.

We have been given the right and authority to get things legally in place so that God’s will can come into the Earth realm.”

Excerpt from “Operating In The Courts Of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers” by Robert Henderson


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He delights in you

When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial
(Matthew 26v12)

Jesus knew the significance of what she was doing.
Even if she didn’t.
She was preparing Him.
She was also prepared for Him.
He recognised it as a sign of what was to come.

Are you ready for what is to come?
It wasn’t some random act.
This wasn’t Jesus being morbid about His future.
He recognised what His mission and purpose was.
He was doing it out of love.

What He was about to do was the most extravagant act of love ever in the history of the universe and yet all that the disciples and those in the room could do was grumble.

When you come together to worship do you grumble?
The significance of what was happening and about to happen was completely lost on them.
Don’t make the same mistake when you see people doing any acts of kindness.
The significance is not lost on Jesus even if it is lost on us.

God sees it all and rejoices over what we often miss.
What we consider as irrelevant or inconsequential God sees as important and significant.
What we may consider a great achievement will often not impress God.

We have a simple instruction, find out what pleases Him. Find out what makes His heart sing for joy.
What you find may surprise you.

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Free to serve

This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.
(Matthew 26v9)

They could only see monetary value in what she had.
To Jesus it was an act of love and devotion.
Don’t let money be your measure.
Love should be the driving force that motivates you.
Don’t even be driven by need.
There is always more need than you can possibly meet.
Look to Him who is the solution to your deepest needs.
He is also their salvation not just yours.

The question is: what do you value the most?
The need to work to earn money to live is all consuming.
Give a thought to what the creator wants and let Him supply your need.
Seek Him first before anything else.
What would you do if money was no object?
What would you attempt if you couldn’t fail?
You are free to serve Him no matter what.

Let everything you have be His.
Your time.
Your money.
Your energy.
Your thoughts.
Your affection.
Your attention.

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