There is very little to say except persevere and trust. Watch out for the lies arriving from your past. They will be subtle but disarming. Anything that causes you to worry, fear or panic is not from Him. You are not immune from the attacks of the enemy. The enemy will try everything in his powers to distract you. So stand firm and do not yield.

Don’t give the enemy a foothold. Don’t allow him any room in your life. Don’t let those thoughts have space in your head. Those thoughts will abuse you.

The Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance what He has said to you in the past. Even those from many years ago, long forgotten. He doesn’t have a memory problem. Much of which you will have forgotten. He has placed a seed inside which has to die before it can start to grow. This seed is getting ready to germinate. The conditions for growth are nearly there.

Don’t let arrogance and pride prevent the seed from dying. Those two twins can prevent you doing what is already in your heart. Consider yourself ready whether you feel it or not. He thinks you are ready, trust Him, He knows. You don’t have to be the finished article. You will always be ‘being got ready’ so it is not an event it is a process.

The path He is about to take you on is full of twists and turns. It is not a straight line like a canal path. Although to Him it is as straight as a die. To you it will feel anything but. To complete the path will require complete trust in Him. Having total reliance on Him and through this you will only be able to boast in Him rather than in your ability. You will know it is Him. No-one can take that away from you. Boasting in Him is far better than taking pride in your own ability.