How much passion can you handle? How much compassion can you contain? You shouldn’t be containing it. It should be flowing out of you like a river overflowing its banks. Find an outlet for your passion. If you do not it the will pressure build up. It can cause frustration and striving if you don’t find a constructive way to express it. He is releasing more of His power but it flows through those who are passionate and hungry. He is not looking for perfection He knows He will never find it on earth. He is looking for willing hearts who will lay down everything for the sake of His gospel, for Him.

His love for you knows no bounds, there is literally no limit, no end to it. If you draw close to Him you will hear His heart beat. What is stopping you? Is it fear of failure? Is it crippling low self esteem? A sense of inadequacy? Non of these are an excuse because He has set you free to be free. He has given you words to speak and things to do. Do not hold back. He is giving you freedom, take it and run with it.