He longs to draw close to you, to enjoy fellowship with you. He is heartbroken when His people show so much indifference. He longs to see your face looking at His. To see your love grow and His compassion overflow to others through you. Nothing compares to His generous love.

Because of the terrible lies of the enemy many prefer to be kept in the dark simply because they are afraid of the light. What is worse there are those who keep others from seeing the light of His glory. When your security is in yourself then you act out of that insecurity but when it is in Him then you are free. He is the only constant in the Universe. Even when your desire is to show His love to people there will be those who will still oppose you. Look at Jesus, He warned us that they will treat us just the same as they treated Him. He was an example of what pure love looks like. They will resist you and reject you because of Him. Do not be surprised at that.

But what is your response going to be? The answer is simple, love with passion, His passion. Don’t call down fire and judgement on people just because they give you are hard time or disagree with you. Everyone is ultimately answerable to Him, leave them with Him and focus on what He has put in front of you. You are responsible for your own actions not those of others. Proclaim the Good News. Show people His goodness and extend His grace. He has so much to share and enough to go round. He has so much to reveal to you, just keep your ears and eyes open, watch and pray. Many things will happen but it will not necessarily be linear or logical. Some things will happen all at the same time. In all of this His kind of wisdom is needed, so avoid jumping to conclusions and stop trying to fix problems in your own effort. Whatever you see The Holy Spirit doing there will be significance in it.

Remain faithful to Him for He will manoeuvre you into places of influence. That is not the same as positions of authority. You are meant to affect the culture around you. People will listen to you because they too will know that God, in some way, is with you. Some will try to undermine what you are doing but He will find a way. Don’t let your hearts (or your feelings) be troubled. You will laugh at situations with Him because it will seem so ridiculous. You will see things as He sees them as if through His eyes, for His power will rest on you as you rest in Him. In all this have complete trust in Him.