He is filling you up like a reservoir. One that is about to overflow. He is creating a greater capacity in you to love and to serve. It will release so much power it will take your breath away. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow you. Your words and your life will describe His heart for the world. Too many people see Him as a harsh, judgemental and uncaring God. Some believe in a supreme being who is completely holy and pure yet has no real love or compassion for them, they think He doesn’t really care, for if He did He would do something at it. The truth is He has done something about it, He made you. Our western culture revels in comparing itself against perfection knowing all the time that it fails to measure up. It is then easy to forget that He is full of mercy and grace.

He did not create man so that He would have something to vent His anger at. Rather the complete opposite. This was an opportunity to show how much He is willing to forgive. He is more ready to show mercy than condemn. He gave man free choice right from the beginning. He has been chasing after him ever since. Wooing him back to Himself. When you read the scriptures try reading them from the perspective of the love of a Father’s heart. You will see that He is that same God that you see manifest in Jesus. He was God’s express being in man. Jesus came to show the world in person what God is really like. You don’t need to look any further than Jesus.

The world works on a basis of rules, laws and judgement. There is no room or capacity in the system for grace and mercy. These are alien to most people. They want justice. They want to be kept safe and secure. They demand that of God, they expect it from Him.

It is a common assumption that you are meant to do everything in your own strength. To go with what you are comfortable with. Relying on using our own abilities and skills. However, He chooses the weak. So be childlike and totally dependent on Him just like young children are dependent on their parents. We think if we know the Bible well enough we won’t need to rely on God anymore. This is the independent spirit behind many people coming through. Even the gifts of the spirit can be used to promote ourselves and make us look good.

This misuse of the gifts isn’t a deliberate thing but it can creep in subtly. The Holy Spirit is grieved because He wants to reveal the Father. That is the primary purpose of the gifts. That is His primary role. Everything is geared to revealing the Father to us. Without Him we wouldn’t even be alive, He breathes His breath into us in the first place. He is life personified. The Bible is not a rule book. It is not a manual. It is a love letter from God and The Holy Spirit will guide you into a greater revelation of His love.

If you think you have to struggle through life, doing the best you can, then think again. Let God carry you rather than striving and struggling all the way. Heaven is more than a destination when you die it is the reality of the cross here and now, today and tomorrow and for ever. You are an eternal being, start living as one.