If you rely on a combination of your feelings, experiences and knowledge you are relying on something not altogether relaiable. God has to be your reality and your security.

We have grown up with our five senses and trained to use our intellects to process that information through experience and experiment. We create an understanding of the world around us. If you limit yourself to what you currently understand then you are limiting yourself to the physical realm. The spiritual realm also has to be experienced. His word helps us to take baby steps in that direction. Just because it doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just because a young child falls over doesn’t mean won’t or can’t walk.

If you do not take God at His word then His hands are tied. He can do nothing to help you. Otherwise He would have to override your free will. He is your new reference point. You have a new way of seeing and experiencing through your spirit. This is now the true and complete you. Previously everything was a shadow no matter how real it may seem to you.

Your brain is a brilliant processing machine. It was created by God just for that purpose but it has physical limitations. Sorry but your brain has. Even the Einsteins of this world know and understand very little compared to what He knows. Just imagine you can have access to information, knowledge and understanding more powerful than all the supercomputers put together. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate search engine. There isn’t anything He doesn’t know. So why not ask Him. He isn’t a machine, you can’t manipulate Him or control Him. He is the Spirit of the Living God.