So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. You always have the choice to get off but the ride stops if you stop. This journey with Him is on His terms not yours. That is what ‘follow Me’ means. Worry will put the brakes on. Fear will weigh you down. The whole experience will grind to a halt until you stop expecting failure. You may not like roller coasters but this journey with Him will be a roller coaster that you will enjoy. It will be very exhilarating. Be prepared for events to happen fast. Be prepared for long slow build up. Expect sudden changes in direction. There may be no warning. There will be surprises at each and every turn.

How much more you will see by staying on the journey. The key is in following Him. If you want to create your own route then do it by all means but it won’t be His path mapped out for you. He has His best for you. Those who map out their own destiny are missing out on a great adventure. Our own ambitions can blind us to His eternal purposes because He hasn’t shown you the full picture yet. He wants to know who is following.

He has a soft spot for those who face challenges for Him. They are not usually the high profile people but humble misfits. Those whom the world hasn’t noticed but He has. Let there be no mistake He is not impressed by anyone’s achievements.