You are plan A, there is no plan B. You are His hope to the world. He isn’t looking for anyone else. Let Him be your safety net, don’t have a backup plan. Rely entirely on Him. Trust everything to Him. He is your only true hope. Your heart belongs to Him and Him alone. He is the living God remember. The creator of Heaven and Earth. His Spirit is searching out those who will give themselves wholeheartedly to Him. Who seek to fulfil His purposes. Those who will rend their hearts allowing Him to reveal His glory through them.

He is preparing a people without any blemishes, no spots or wrinkles and that means you. Be prepared to be His handiwork in the world as He demonstrates His kindness to you. See His power and His goodness transform a nation. He does not work in isolation but in partnership with His people. You are part of His body. You are part of the bride of Christ. One of His anointed ones. Let Him in and let Him bring His revelation to you. It will be today’s manna. For yesterday’s manna is not enough. Only today’s will suffice. Let Him reign in your heart.

You are to be led by His Spirit. So at every turn and every junction you will have direction. Do not wait to be told He wants you to ask Him. Avoid being presumptuous, instead lean on Him. Presumption is the spirit of religion. Presumption is when you cannot be bothered to ask Him or be bothered to wait for an answer or seek His face.