He is breaking the power of shame over you. It will not have the stranglehold on your life like it used to. If you make mistakes repent quickly. But do it from a position of a relationship with Him not just from regret. In time you will do this with a greater understanding of what you did and why. Do not beat yourself up. This is just another form of pride. Be humble before Him and before others. There are no more excuses, they have been taken away. You are laid bare before Him. If you are humble you will find yourself going to Him every time without any hesitation.

He will reveal the path you are walking on. He will be a lamp to your feet so that you do not stumble or fall. Have confidence that everything that controlled you has been quashed and redeemed. You are now free to give Him your whole heart without any restrictions. He just loves to have all the devotion of your heart. So stop trying to solve problems all on your own. He will be your guide, your shepherd. You have the strength and ability to do everything He has commissioned you to do, so take courage.

In the end He will do as He pleases. He is God! So run with Him, don’t hesitate or lag behind. For He will not necessarily wait for you. That may seem harsh but your walk with Him is an invitation not a drag. He will pursue His plans and desires regardless if you follow or not. It is up to you if you to do the following. He won’t make you. His desire is that you will. Not only that but you will lead others to Him. In the end it is your choice.