Do you think He holds back from His children on purpose? It may feel like that but He does not. He makes it all available to you. You were designed to have a heart after His own heart and that is what He is doing. Search for Him in all the right places. This is not a game of hide and seek. He is not trying to be not found. He is hiding in plain sight. He has plans for you based on His dreams for this world. He dreams of you part of His kingdom. There is nothing that is going to be too difficult or too challenging. You will see Him as your source and your strength.

There is a coming time when you will make bold declarations and decrees. They may well laugh at you. God isn’t laughing. They may hope you fall flat on your face. But in Him you cannot fail. They may call you arrogant and expect Him to teach you a lesson. Instead His favour will rest on you. Your confidence will be in Him and in Him alone. He is faithful to you. Together with Him you will show others what they can have and what is possible. Let yourself submit fully to Him. Allow for the full force of His grace at work in you. It is greater and more compelling than you can imagine.

They will be astounded at the miracles you will perform. There will be ordinary miracles and extra-ordinary ones. There will be signs and wonders. Some people will encourage you and some will hinder you, either way leave that to Him. Your job is to rejoice in Him, love others deeply and forgive constantly. His desire is that they get the blessings that fall off you. Like water cascading off a rock. If people let you down, He will not.

He is permanently faithful. He will never forget you. He will raise you up. In Him you will never be disheartened because His heart is full. He is to be the love of your life. Everything will work out in perfect harmony. There will be perfect unity around Him at the centre. There is room enough for everyone. Everyone has a beautiful function and purpose. They will add diversity and infinite majesty of His glory. Through others you will see more wonderful facets of His Presence. Experiencing more of His joy and more of His peace. Your heart will beat along with the heartbeat of God.