Testimony week 7

By |Saturday, August 25th, 2018|Testimony|

After a long day, at altitude, jet lag and lack of sleep went to fill the car up at a petrol station and put the debit card in the wrong slot. Put it the receipt by mistake. It is not that we haven’t done this a million times but… so stood there thinking what we were going to do so I prayed, asking God to help, the owner came out and could not get the card so I declared ‘there is a solution’ but it was not looking promising. He left us with a paper clip and a large plastic clamp thing.

Praise God we got it out. He demonstrated His goodness. This seems like a small thing but we were in a seven 11 gas station in Colorado a long way from home. It mattered to us but we turned to Him rather than despair.

Turn to Him first in all and every situation and see what He can do. Bless your circumstances rather than cursing your own stupidly and certainly don’t blame someone else. He always has an answer and it is an elegant one.

Testimony Week #6

By |Wednesday, April 11th, 2018|Testimony|

A healed back

A lady in our church hurt her back while at the gym lifting weights. She was in a lot of pain and struggled to even get her shoes on. After prayer that night from other christians in the church she found that the next day the pain had all but gone and was able to go back to the gym and exercise as normal. The back has remained healed.

Job at last

Someone who had been looking and praying for a permananent job for three years has finally been given one. This is an answer to prayer for many people have been praying. It was part of a process of God dealing with his own heart and attitude.

Lost luggage

After losing his wallet and case full of important dociuments we prayed for its return. A few days later his wallet was returned and then a day or so later his case was returned to him.

Keep praying, keep believing but above keep surrendering to Him. He knows what’s best for you.

Testimony Week #5

By |Monday, January 29th, 2018|Testimony|

Speaking English

When someone from our church was recently visiting a church in Eastern Europe a man started to pray over him. In English. The remarkable thing was he couldn’t speak English and didn’t have a clue what he was praying.

Debts paid off

After receiving a large bill a couple turned to God for help. Tried what they could to pay it themselves. Threw themselves on God, prayed and now the bill is paid in full, early.

Acts of kindness

following a prophetic word about interesting encounters a man was visiting another city in the UK, as he was getting out of his car another car drew up alongside. The lady got out and said to him do you remember me, he said, apologetically ‘no’, you baptised me 30+ years agao. As he got back in his car many hours later another lady asked him the same qusetion with the same apologetic reply and she reminded him that he had helped her through a very difficult time in her life decades ago.

Keys returned

When some very important keys went missing at work. A lady at church was concerned for these lost keys and decided the best form of action was to pray and ask God to find them and return them. Sure enough the keys were found in the pocket of someone who hadn’t even been there and couldn’t possibly of been the person you had misplaced them.

Testimony Week #4

By |Monday, January 22nd, 2018|Testimony|

A book once lost

A man had a collection of books, a series on a particular theme by a particular author except for one. There was one missing. To complete the set he needed to find it. Looked everywhere but only the new editions were available and the only one he could find was a first edition for £80. As he was setting off for a walk God told him to go to a particular shop (not a book shop) and he would find it there. He did so and he found all the other books in the series except that one. He assumed he had heard God wrong and went to leave. God said to ask. So he did. One of the shop keepers took him round the back to the store room, picked the book off a shelf and gave it to him. When asked why it wasn’t in the shop, the man said it had been there a long time and if no-one came and asked for it they were about to send it back to the publishers.

Gluten not free

A man gave testimony for still being gluten free. No side effects. The healing continues to be permanent.


Testimony Week #3

By |Monday, January 15th, 2018|Testimony|

Dutch Lights

When someone was cycling home in Holland they had a dilema. It was night-time and it was illegal to cycle without a front light. This person was not Dutch and did not know who to contact or ask for help and yet still had to get home. So she prayed that she wouldn’t meet a policeman on her journey home and set off. She then saw a policeman in the distance and started to panic and hoped that he wouldn’t see her. She looked down at the lamp on her bike and it was now on, as she passed the policeman and looked at her bike light it had gone off again.

Angelic Help

When a minibus broke down in the middle of the night on a lonely, unlit country road in Bedfordshire in the middle of nowhere. The two young men tried to push start it with no success at all. One of them decided to ask God for help while getting his breath back after an arduous, pointless and unproductive stint at pushing. As he prayed he looked down the road and suddenly there was a man walking towards them. When he finally arrived he asked what did we want, we told him and he helped one of them to push while the other jumped in the driving seat. The two pushed and the minibus sprung into life. The other person jumped into the passenger seat ready to drive off before the minibus stalled again. They quickly looked round to give this stranger a lift who was clearly going in their direction and he was no where to be seen. The road was long and straight and there were no turnoffs or paths. He had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.


Testimony Week #2

By |Monday, January 8th, 2018|Testimony|

Down’s Syndrome

Two children with Down’s syndrome who have had problems swallowing were healed at a conference in Harrogate.

Blind eyes opened

In Kenya there have been reports of around 50 people who were blind had their eyesight restored through prayer.

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