He is showing you your new identity. It isn’t a new one it is the real one. What you have experienced and seen so far is not the real you. Your perception will change. Gone is the old you and here is the new you. It is actually the other way round. The real you is the older you. What He created from the beginning of time is what you are to become.

Be encouraged open your mouth and He will fill it. People will look to you and wonder at the gracious words coming from you, pearls or wisdom and insight. Value His word or seed that He has put within you.

Do not be afraid to challenge yourself. Do not let what people think about you stop you. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about what they say but just don’t let it define you. This is too important. Far more important than your feelings. You will challenge others and inspire them by your life of faith. You may upset some sacred cows. If people criticise and slander you bless them back. It is what Jesus would’ve done. Understand that people don’t like change and they don’t like it when someone rocks the boat. Demonstrate the truth of your convictions. Hold fast to what you know is true. Hold fast to Him whatever the cost. He will be with you all the way.

He will tell you what to say in those very circumstances. When you grow weary look to Him and He will show you His strength. If you have yielded your heart to Him you will see His purposes in your life being worked out. You will see the freedom it will give to others as they take courage from you. Let people praise God because of you. They may not shout as loud as the critics but you will hear them all the same. Let His praise be continually on your lips, day and night.

He is well pleased with you if you but knew it. Those who are for Him and love Him will be for you 100%. Those who reject Him will also reject you. It is just the way it is.