You will be surprised at what He will do. It won’t be what you will expect. He knows your train of thought and your desires. Your expectations are based on what you have been taught, what you have read and what you have seen.

He knows it is hard for you to fully understand what He has in store because it is outside your current understanding and experience. He knows your emotions rob you of the joy you are entitled to. What you expect is so far removed from the reality of what He have for you. His thoughts about you are so different than your thoughts for yourself. How you see yourself is not how He sees you.

You look around you, you survey your surroundings, you reflect on what you have done and are doing and you see little evidence of what He has shown you. This is only a glimpse and a taster of what is to come. Doubt has made it difficult to believe what He says about you. This may seem harsh. He would not say it if it wasn’t true. He also wouldn’t say it if there wasn’t a very simple and effective solution. He has a remedy for this. It is what you want, you want help, you know something is not right. You are discerning truths about yourself and your situation because your spirit is alerting you to it.

He has heard your prayers and requests but more importantly He has heard the cry of your heart. They are words which you cannot hear but He hears them and He is answering your cry.

You may feel that He has condemned you but He has manoeuvred you to receive His grace. He loves you much more than you can ever love yourself.