Know My love
It has no end
I pour My love into you
It overflows to many
You are the desire of My heart
The focus of My affection
Your cup is always full
My love never ceases
Don’t put your hand over the cup
It is meant for you
Receive My love
You don’t deserve it
You never will
No-one does
But I love deeply the undeserving
With am insatiable compassion
There is no end to the depth of My love
Let Me in
Let My love live in you
Overflowing to many
I love you
I will love through you
I am the potter
I am made you
I want to fill you with My life
Uniquely and specifically
Just for you
You are My delight and My joy
Let Me fill you completely
Surrender all
So there is more room for My love
My abundant grace and favour
Nothing less is good enough for you