Do you want to move in the supernatural realm? Then you need to change the way you think. You won’t get there through logic, not even through sheer force of will. Only through faith. Where you yield yourself totally to Him in obedience to The Holy Spirit. You will have to be prepared to see the world differently than you do now. His power is available to you if you are willing to access it. He doesn’t distribute gifts randomly but they are available to anyone who is willing to unlock the door and the key to that door is faith. This power is very real and very accessible. You will find that being busy or even being excited isn’t enough, there is an element of persistent endurance.

You can access His power and still make shipwreck of your life. It is fruit and gift. He wants you to walk in righteousness, to walk the right way, in freedom and in love. The gifts draw attention to the fruit, they are not an end in themselves. He makes no apology for that. When you have access to that power, make every effort to build the character to maintain a life where your motives are pure. It requires a life devoted to Him. Faith will open the door but a humble heart will keep you safely there. There is nothing safe about God from a human point of view. He throws you into the heat of the battle.

The enemy is always looking for an opportunity to take you away from your calling and undermine your walk with Him. This is a daily battle. So, each day be determine to follow Him. You can have power without a pure heart and vice-versa. One without the other will either be powerless or will destroy you. Together there is no stopping you. Give attention to both. Watch your heart and transform your thinking. Be led by His Spirit.

As you see yourself differently you will see the world around you differently. You may have had a tantalising glimpse into a land of possibilities and yet there is that struggle to believe. You have a yearning and desire for it. A longing and a hunger for something that seems like a fantasy and yet it is very real at the same time. It seems beyond your grasp like a distant land that is too good to be true. You may wonder if you are good enough. The decision is always yours. Are you going to take that path? That narrow path? Only you can decide.

You can stay where you are or embark on that journey of discovery. Are you going to take that step of faith and release the power of heaven by turning the key and opening the door? The key won’t turn itself and the door won’t open without it. Should you stay or should you go?

Power is available and a heart with a pure motive is possible. You can have both. But don’t choose one or the other, seek both. That is the essence of His kingdom. A pure heart is not just simply the opposite of impure but having a pure attitude and pure motives. Seek to have a desire that is from heaven’s kingdom, untainted by the world and the pressure of its unreasonable expectations. Avoid being too influenced by the pattern of this world. He wants to address the balance. He wants a spotless bride that will flaunt its beauty before the world. A church that is radiant and glorious.

You have a part to play in this. Turn the key. Take a step of faith, even a small step is all it takes to send you on the most compelling journey. Don’t look back and don’t hesitate.

If you think you are ready then what are you waiting for. Blessings are ready to be poured into your lap. It is not about establishing a principle but being an example, a demonstration of His goodness and grace. Embody His goodness and grace.