More will come from each day. He has not finished just because your church meeting has ended. He is constantly preparing a people for Himself and all are welcome. There is an invite for everyone but not everyone accepts. Come in low and be completely humble. That is the only way people will be able to work together as one. That they are humble before each other.

Being accountable to others isn’t about hanging your dirty washing out, but rather accounting for their ability. That way you get the best from one another.

He is making you more able to understand His ways. His ways seem foolishness and illogical to an unrenewed mind no matter how clever they are. Be ready at all times to represent His goodness. You will see favour grow and rest on you. Others will be blessed because of you. He is releasing more grace and more favour into your life. It may happen suddenly and dramatically or it may happen imperceptibly over a long period of time.

If you are more advanced in years I have good news for you, your best days are still yet to come. Do not switch off or accept decline. He is here to perform extra-ordinary miracles through you. Allow Him to demonstrate what He can do because He is still willing to use you still. He doesn’t see you as old He doesn’t understand what you mean.

His power is manifest in your weakness. If you think you are not good enough that is partly true. You’ll never be good enough. He makes you good enough. He is all your goodness rolled into one. He has enough to share. So that makes you a prime candidate for His grace. Your strength is now dependent on Him.

When you follow Jesus you never get lost even if you have no idea where you are or where you are going or how you even got where you are now. You also know that you cannot sustain it on your own. To take on His yoke you have to ditch the old first. The yoke of slavery to sin, self-interest, guilt and shame. You can’t have two yokes you only have one neck.