“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)

He is the only way. 

The true way. 

He is good in the broadest and deepest sense. 

Nothing comes close to comparing with Him. 

He alone is good. 

He can be trusted. 

You can trust Him with your life. 

He created you. 

He knows what is best for you. 

Yet He still allows you to choose. 

Whether you follow Him or not. 

Whether you trust Him or not. 

Is He your shepherd? 

Do you allow someone else to take that role? 

He is more than a christmas card nativity scene. 

Neither is He still hanging on a cross. 

He is greater than a painted picture in a children’s book. 

He is a shepherd calling His sheep. 

Those that hear His voice respond. 

Are you responding to His voice?

Would you rather have an image, something less real? 

If He is not real to you, how can you trust Him. 

He is no more than a fairy tale. 

Yet He calls to you. 

In the hope that you will respond. 

He cares about you. 

He never stops thinking about you. 

Listen out for His voice. 

He has laid His life down. 

It meant something to Him. 

Because you mean something to Him. 

He thinks you are worth it. 

Others may disagree. 

You may disagree. 

Turn your thoughts to Him. 

Turn your affections to Him. 

Let Him flood you with real love. 

Let it be constant and permanent.