Money is a strange thing it is neither real nor abstract. You can hold it but what you are holding isn’t worth anyhting as a piece of paper or a piece of metal. It is a promise, an agreement to carry a value.

You can use it to exchange your time working in an office with a burger at MsDonalds. You get paid a salary which is in the form of money and you are free to do with it as you please.

In heaven there is no money, there are no goods and services, no jobs to go to etc. That doesn’t mean there will be nothing to do but that is another story. So why does money get us in a muddle?

I want to find out exactly what He thinks about money, wealth, finances, prosperity and poverty. I have views, thoughts and ideas. I know scriptures and I know what I have been taught and told but it is good to ask the question and more importantly to ask Him the question.