Money is not evil. God wants you to prosper. That may mean be wealthy. What He doesn’t want is for anything to come between you and Him. Being wealthy or poor is not a sin, it is simply a statement of being.

Money is abstract. Your time, your energy, your skills, your experience are not. Money is the means of sharing wealth. To buy or sell goods and services. It is what you do with it is the important thing. Not comparing how much you have compared to someone else.

Does God want you to prosper? Yes

It is the definition of prosperity that is difficult to pin down. At its most simplistic form, you go to work to earn money to pay the mortgage (rent) and buy food etc. After doing this a lot you get locked into that process. It becomes cyclical. A loop that is hard to break out of and look at it from any other angle except the treadmill you are on.

Work can be all consuming. Surviving to keep your job. Striving to get promotion. These become things themselves and end in themselves. You can lose sight of what you are and who you are to Him. He isn’t going to ask you your final salary was when you stand before Him.

Living for Him does not mean poverty. It does not mean lack. But it does mean surrender. That is the crunch.