People have a misconception as to the nature of His holiness. It can make people withdraw from Him and avoid other believers because they do not believe that they are worthy or good enough. They fear rejection if someone finds out what they are really like. If that is you, there is hope, a way out because of His grace and His forgiveness. He knows all about you and He still likes you.

He knows every detail about you, warts and all. He has decided to love you despite all your shortcomings, failings and faults. He doesn’t just put up with you, He accepts you and is passionately fond of you. If that is you, you are loved very, very much. You do not need to fear rejection from Him or feel shame when you draw near to Him. That is just a lie of the enemy to keep you from Him. Everything that He does is to bring you closer to Him. He never does anything to push you away. He doesn’t create barriers or hurdles, you do that. He has cleared the way to have access to Him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If someone does reject you for whatever reason, you can still trust Him, He never rejects you, not ever, not for a second. He may not condone what you do or how you live but He doesn’t reject you. He made you and you are His. He gives you the gift of life and a free will to make your own choices. That can never be taken from you. He will never be accused of making someone obey Him. He will never resort to coercion, threats or even punishment just to get you to do His bidding.

The only offering He will accept is one made willingly and freely. That free will offering has to come from you, right from your heart. He has the right to accept or reject any offering that people give Him. That is His prerogative. Just saying the right words won’t endear Him to you, even being busy for Him won’t impress Him either. Tell Him you love Him and find that love for Him in your heart.

He encourages you to find out what offerings please Him. That is for you to find out. Find out what is acceptable and pleasing to Him. Don’t assume just anything will do! It doesn’t have to look much in the world’s eyes. He knows your heart, He knows your true motives. Worship Him wholeheartedly not just briefly on a Sunday.