There is a tendency to see the miraculous as a sign of approval, it is nothing of the sort. Signs and wonders are meant to draw you closer to Him. The impact of seeing a miracle, sign or wonder is demonstrating His desire for you to seek Him. He is drawing people to Him not a book. It is for those who seek Him out of pure heart. Not miracle chasers. Not seeking the gifts themselves. Not even the ministry. Just to be near Him.

You may never stand in a pulpit. You may never be a conference speaker or stand on a platform. But He will know you and you will be known by Him. You will have the honour and joy of knowing Him. You will do great exploits with Him. His disciples did signs, wonders and miracles in His name. They didn’t do them standing behind a pulpit. They demonstrated His powerful love in the streets. Be prepared to take His love into the marketplace. You may not feel it is time yet to do that. All the same, let the preparations begins.