He sees what is on the inside, what is in your heart. Not just what is on the outside. That is what interests Him the most.

It is the eternal that has the most significance not the temporary. He is calling you to a life of serving His purposes. He wants your heart not just your effort. A willingness to go where He chooses to send you. To do what He asks you to do. To say the words He gives you to speak. He is bringing to pass what He planned from the very beginning. Your life will be intertwined with others. Not everything you experience will seem significant but it will have purpose. Things said in the past will start to take on shape.

You will learn to trust Him more each day. Listen carefully to Him and not be manipulated by others. Let only Him have a strong influence over you. There will be pressure to deflect you. Look for patterns but don’t be led by events. Be led by His Spirit. Listen carefully and watch. There is truth and there is The Truth. He will reveal His plans to you as and when He decides. Often they are in full view and in plain sight but only He can reveal them to you. Everything you desire will be fulfilled and released to you.

For He is releasing you into a world that is hurting. It is in desperate need of an encounter with Him. He wants to speak to His creation. He wants to heal. He will deliver and save them from the grasp of the evil one. The enemy has blinded the minds and hearts of the people. Jesus wants you to break the yoke that is round their neck. It is driving them to despair. He wants you to stand up and be counted amongst those who are willing to save and redeem. He wants to do this through you. For you to show His compassion. To demonstrate His loving kindness. People are perishing everyday. Set your mind, heart and face to fulfil His desire. That no-one will perish. He believes that all can be saved.

His delight is in the praise and worship of your heart. The abundance of His grace will be seen in people’s lives. He doesn’t regret anything but He wishes for more people to turn their eyes and hearts to Him. His heart is for the lonely and needy. He is giving you power to bring about great transformation. To bring many lost and lonely souls into His kingdom family. Do you believe He is able to use you? Do you believe that He wants to use you?