Come to the table and eat. There is enough food for everyone. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate. Eat and eat well. Leave everything behind don’t bring your baggage with you. Declutter and get rid of every distraction.Keep life simple.His love for you is so deep and you will never find the bottom of it. His love is so high you will never get to the top of it. You cannot escape His love because it surrounds you. You simply have to walk through it and in it. As you step into His realm you will see colours that you have never seen before. There are no earthly comparisons.

In His kingdom everything has light. Even when you eat the fruit it has its own light. Nothing will taste the same again. The taste of His fruit will make all other foods pale into insignificance. Only His food will satisfy you and make you hungry for more. It will be health and healing for your whole body, mind and spirit.

He will give you authority over places, cities and regions. You will bring His kingdom rule into those places. There will be miraculous signs and wonders. They will turn people’s hearts towards Him. There may be opposition. Please God rather than people.

Can you see His anointing on you? Do you know it? Look closely at what He has given you. Don’t treat it with disdain or false modesty. Look for His anointing on you. Do you see it developing and growing? Do not to compare yourself to anyone else’s anointing. What He has given you is for you only. It is between you and Him and no-one else. You have permission from Him to exercise your faith. You are answerable to Him and no one else.

You are not on your own. Listen to those whom He sends to you. They will encourage you. Honour them but do not follow them. Your allegiance is to Him first and last. This is for your sake and theirs. This is not that you become a loner, quite the opposite but that you follow only one person, Jesus. He will give you discernment so that you will recognise those He has sent and those He hasn’t.