He is always good and He never has a bad day. He is never in a bad mood and He never regrets you for a moment. To rejoice always is a decision you make every day even when you don’t feel like it. Some days require more effort than others. That is the act of worship that He is looking for. He knows how you are feeling. He loves it when you turn your affection to Him and you least feel like it. He smiles at you constantly. So smile back. Worship Him in all that you do so that in everything you become more like Him. Worship causes you to merge with Him in His Presence. It doesn’t require any words or music. It is just the act of being with Him and loving on Him for who He is.

Whatever ups and downs you face He is your constant. Be consistent in your love for Him. It gladdens His heart when His children gather together and care for each other. He watches over how we interact and love each other. He looks at how we are together. This is His testimony, it demonstrates to the world His love in action. The world isn’t looking to be preached at or evangelised, it wants to be loved by God through you. So the command is very simple, love and do everything out of love. Love is often inconvenient. True love looks like something, it is action that has no direct benefit to you. That is love in its purest form.