Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. (Matthew 13v24 NIV)

When you hear the words of Jesus. 

You have a witness in your spirit. 

That His words are true because He is Truth. 

He speaks so you can hear 

And he wants you to understand. 

You hear the Spirit behind the words. 

You might expect His words to be logical. 

You expect His words to make sense. 

But often they don’t. 

Your mind is full of stuff. 

Your heart craves it. 

But your mind can cancel it out. 

Your spirit hears. 

Your heart understands. 

Your mind has to agree. 

Rank them correctly. 

It is not logical but it is simple. 

Its origins are from heaven not on earth. 

He demonstrated this Truth. 

To wake you up from your slumber. 

He will demonstrate His power to get your attention. 

Don’t have dull ears. 

Listen with your heart not your head. 

That way His Truth can infect every cell of your being. 

When you meet Jesus you may find yourself in a dilemma. 

He will challenge your core belief. 

It will not match up with what you might already know. 

It may cause the boat to rock a little bit. 

Jesus did it all the time. 

He simply loves people too much. 

He offers freedom.

Not slavery.

It is not obvious what you are a slave to.

He doesn’t want to leave you where you are.

Your motive should be to love like Him. 

Do that you have to, to be like Him

Love everyone. 

Pray for them. 

Bless everyone you come across. 

Demonstrate His love in the market place and in the workplace. 

Whether they accept it or reject it. 

Your job is to keep loving on them. 

It doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. 

It doesn’t mean there won’t be disappointments. 

But you will doing what Jesus did.