It is a difficult stage as you leave behind your old identity and realising your true identity. Finding that treasure hidden in Him can also make you feel like a lost soul. It can even be a grieving period. You may experience a sense of loss. At this time you will be vulnerable and may want to fill your life with stuff. You will be tempted to re-create your own identity as the old one fades away. You should look forward to the experience but it will feel uncomfortable.

Doubt will crouch at your door. Even despair will try to get you. This is a critical time when you will have to draw deeply from Him. You cannot do this unless you are wholehearted. Throw yourself on Him. Listen to the Holy Spirit and lean on Him. Seek Him and find your rest in Him. Find out what He is doing in you and trust Him that He knows exactly what He is doing. Because He really does know what He is doing. This is key preparation for the future plans He has for you. You may find it hard but very rewarding.

He believes passionately in you. He wouldn’t put you through this if He knew you couldn’t make it. You will be an increasing blessing at each and every step of the process. The time is now, be prepared for change and a shift. Every time you revisit His words to you, you are reminding yourself of His goodness. They will be a comfort to you. Remember that righteousness, peace and joy are your lot in equal measure. What you have should overflow to many. It is not just for you to keep. He knows full well what is in your heart.

He is fully aware what your thoughts are. He doesn’t listen to your thoughts but He does listen to your heart. That deep desire that cries out to Him. Jesus is constantly praying and interceding for you. Before the throne of God He prays your heart. God the Father wants you to experience the full gospel so that you can share it. It will not be just a theory or doctrinal statement for you. It will be real and very exiting as the reality of this relationship with the Father impacts your life. It is more than mere words can describe. It will be much more than that.