Don’t be discouraged but rejoice. Know that I am here, with you and for you, constantly throughout the day. You didn’t come to Me out of a feeling or a thought. You came to Me because you believed so why try to work Me out, why decipher Me based on how you feel.

To know Me you have to believe. You think you have to understand Me to know Me. To prove Me, My existence. You didn’t believe out of logic so why are you trying to prove it with logic.

I multiplied bread and it multiplied. Where did the bread come from? Was it real bread? It wasn’t grown in a field, it wasn’t ground in a barn, it wasn’t baked in an oven. Yet you believe the story to be true.

So how is it that you struggle to see beyond the possible. Did those who had more faith have more or better bread? Did they deserve to see and witness the miracle? Were their hearts right?

Only one thing was certain, they were hungry and I fed them. They were not all spiritually hungry. Some didn’t even know why they were there. Yet they listened and were fed.

Believe in Me.