He will feed you from so many sources. Like a reservoir or lake is fed by many streams. So will you be. Strengthen yourself and allow all those streams to contribute to fill you. Be aware it takes time to fill up so be patient.

What is the most important thing to you at this moment in time. If it isn’t knowing Him and fellowship with Him what could possibly be more important. Without Him you are going to struggle in life.

Nothing less that wholehearted devotion to Him is what is required. Nothing less will do. Going to church isn’t enough. Reading your bible everyday isn’t enough. Saying your prayers isn’t enough. All those can become ritualistic and mechanical. They can be done without any love for Him. Love Him deeply first and then everything you do has purpose and meaning.

In Him you will find love, joy and peace. All that Fruit of the Spirit is also in you waiting to ripen. It is waiting to be seen by others. That is the real you. He has made you into a mighty reservoir. Capable of bringing great transformation and change to many. Demonstrating His power to a world bereft of real hope.

If you think this is all about you it isn’t. It is all about Him. Yet He talks as if He can’t do it without you. You can’t do anything without Him and He won’t do anything without you. You are indispensable.

An abundant life full of powerful hope. That is the life you are called to. So live it. Live in it. As you are being transformed you will do all that is in His heart. You owe the world an encounter with Him. He is calling you and has called you. You might have missed the memo.

This is no small matter. He wants the affection of your heart. Worship is in spirit and in truth. His Spirit and The Truth. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This requires so much more than an hour of singing on a Sunday.

True worship comes from a renewed mind. You learn to be deeply loved and to love deeply. Unhindered by shame and guilt. He has the best for you and sees the best in you.

Your journey begins now to find out what that looks like.