Rejoice at all times because He is the God of joy. He invented it. Don’t think that He has come to make your life more challenging and miserable. Neither has He come to show up your sin to make you feel worse about yourself. He has come to give you life and life in all its abundance. His interaction with you is to bring that about. It may seem harsh and uncompromising at times but He isn’t going to pamper to your feelings. He loves you far too much to let that happen.

A mind that has not been renewed will not understand why the process is taking place. A renewed mind will see everything through His eyes of love. How much do you want it? The answer to that question will determine your response to Him. Be prepared to do whatever is necessary and have complete and utter trust in Him. At all times and in all things seek Him with all of your heart. Your affection must be for Him and Him alone, anything else will tear you apart.