In His presence is fullness of joy. That joy is without end and without beginning. It is like a conveyor belt which you can step onto. It is there all the time. It is like a river flowing from His throne. So enjoy it, bask in it, revel in it. You do not have to work to earn His gifts. All His favour and His blessings are there for you to access. Respond to His voice. He gives you incentives because He knows how you work.

He knows the half-truths that you believe about yourself. He is also aware that you don’t know and see Him fully. He is helping you to see the full Truth by whatever means He sees fit. He will bless all those who seek His presence. It feels as if you are addicted to Him. That is because you were made to be one with Him. This will carry you through any process He takes you through. The process will bring true blessing and joy. He will get you healed up, restored and made whole. It will mean removing the damaged parts. You will gain clarity and it will unshackle you, bringing you out of bondage. The process of setting you free requires a work of extreme grace.

Some just want the initial blessing but refuse to enter the process of change and transformation. The greater blessing is at the end of the process. It takes time, just like the oak tree, it doesn’t become one overnight. He wants you in health, physically, mentally and spiritually. Let Him complete His work of grace in your life. You have already found the secret, it is Jesus. So why look for another way, another solution.

Your passion will be His passion, to help others meet Him.