His joy is a gift. It isn’t something to be earned. It is something that is yours. His joy in you is the most natural thing in the world. It just needs to see the light of day more often. It is buried under years of rubbish, lies, misunderstanding and misconceptions. The Truth about who you are and what He is like has been distorted and put out as a truth.

Through your desire to know Him you will find The Truth and those years of accumulated grime will be washed off. Focus your attention on Him. Look upwards towards Him, not downwards or inwards. For in Him is the answer to everlasting and abundant life.

This is where faith comes in. It is the start and finish of your faith, it is Him. He has given you enough to seek Him and to know Him. All you have to do is believe in Him. If you continue to believe you will never give up seeking Him or give in to doubt. The parable of the talents demonstrates that whatever measure of faith He has given you use it wisely and use it to its max. He has given you a measure of faith but it is up to you if you use it. One day He will ask you what you did with it. Don’t squander what He has given you. Look for that seed of faith and encourage it. Feed it and watch it grow and multiply.

Have faith in God and joy will be close behind. It will spring up. This joy wells up as your spirit influences your mind and your emotions. Joy is more than a collection of feelings. It is a state of mind with an expectation of good things. It is glistening hope. That is why when you begin to see Him as He really is your joy will begin to increase. Joy is written into your DNA.