Put childish things away and think with sober judgement. This isn’t a game. It is about life and death. The choice is just surviving or abundant life. He wants you to chose the better one.

He has created abundant life for all. It is time to get serious. To put away things that are not important. You are more than the sum of your pleasures. More than the total of your possessions. They may be good but don’t let them fill your life. The question is, can you let go? Can you exchange your desires and ambitions for His passion and dream? The answer is yes. You can but only if you want that. He is looking for people who are willing to fulfil His dreams.

The world wants answers. It needs help. People are desperate for the reality. Are you passionate enough to want people to know Him or do you apologise? His desire is that everyone knows Him and is known by Him.

Who is going to show them how to get what they so desperately need? He wants you to show the true depth and extent of His love for all those people around you. He wants to communicate His passion for them in a real and tangible way. You are just the person to do that.

First step is worship, not mechanically or religiously. Nor is it just singing along to familiar songs. It is through thoroughly enjoying Him. You can’t enjoy Him if you don’t know Him and you won’t get to know Him if you don’t spend time with Him. You are a worshipper. That can be your job title. It is who and what you are.

Immerse yourself in Him. Live in His Presence. Read and meditate on His word. Fellowship with Him. Just allow everything He has for you to wash over you, soaking through you.

You will find that learning to trust Him happens in real time. Your school room is your life. It is not a theory. It is life, every part of it. Family, work, pleasure, hobbies, all of it. He will allow challenges to come so you can get to know Him better.

Don’t be surprised if you go through difficulties, they are part of His cunning plan. He has given you all the fruit of the Spirit. One fruit, one Spirit. It is His intention that you enjoy all of that fruit. The world is waiting to see it. It is time to share what He has given you.

Seek Him out of a pure heart not for selfish gain. There is no place in His Kingdom for selfish ambition. If you want to know the truth, then go to Him who is Truth. You can know His Presence in every situation. You can walk with a sense of Him being there with you at all times.

Know He is for you not against you. Surrender all your personal ambitions and desires if you truly want what He wants. He wants to shepherd His sheep and He can only do it through men and women who are after His own heart.