And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off.  (Matthew 18:13)

You will satisfy Him.

The longing of His heart.

To have a people of His own.

Who don’t serve their own interests.

Who look out for others.

Seeking their needs.

Loving with a passion.

Full of love for Him.

Knowing His heart.

Yet He still seeks them.

To find a people after His own heart.

Are you one?

Do you seek Him with all of your being?

In your response make your spirit strong.

It will soar on the wings of eagles.

High and lofty.

You will see far and wide.

You will see His purposes.

Because what He desires is a people to call His own.

A people who will call on Him.

A people that He can dwell amongst.

Who will know His joy.

He will bring the stragglers back.

He will bring the disenfranchised back to the fold.

They will be astounded at the extent of His grace.

Staggered by His love, His goodness and the sound of His joy.

It will be heard throughout heaven and across the earth.

There will be no sound like it.

The sound of His joy.

People will know.

They will see and they will shudder.

Shocked by the magnitude of His goodness.

It will overflow to so many.

It always does and it always will.