You may try to use the Bible as a manual or a self-help guide but it is really a love letter. You view His kingdom from the perspective of your worldview. You try to connect the two worlds as you try to combine them. This happens dramatically in the first few moments of becoming a christian. It is quite overwhelming as if woken up from a deep sleep.

You almost instantly believe everything and anything is possible (if you have forgotten just listen to new believers talking). However, over time life in this realm starts to assert control and dominance. Hope can, for many be like air leaking out of a balloon. This was never meant to be and isn’t irreversible.

You may hear a powerful testimony, read an inspiring book or be touched by an uplifting sermon. However when you stretch out and grab it and bring it into your world it doesn’t seem to fit. When that happens your world has to change, your thinking has to be renewed. Your belief system has to change. Your mindset has to change. Your attitude has to change and above all your heart has to change. Let God’s kindness and love soften your heart.

He doesn’t just crash into your world. He wants you to follow Him into His. He wants you to enter His kingdom. To live in His realm under His kingship not just make His kingdom fit your world (which it won’t). You have to realise which is the greater reality. The world your body lives in or the one your spirit lives in. One thing to realise is this physical realm was created by His heavenly realm. He simply spoke it into being.

You cannot change His kingdom to suite you. You have to change. To go make that journey and leave the comfort of your safe, carefully controlled, world. There is nothing ‘safe’ nor ‘easy’ about following Him but it is the best thing you will ever do.

The spiritual realm is more real than this world. You were created to live in both. You were made for both. You are dovetailed perfectly to know and live in the spiritual realm. It may take some adjustment but He has given His Holy Spirit it help us, ask Him if you are not sure.