Rest in Him and rest assured. The enemy wants to intimidate you. To scare and fill you with fear and make you worry. Jesus wants to show you what love looks like and who is ultimately in control. He is able to create peace and joy in the most challenging and seemingly hopeless situations. The key is rest, trust and putting your faith in Him. He wants you to enjoy Him. To be completely free and live in real freedom.

You are the apple of His eye. Did you know that? He has chosen you to bring very good news to this world. You are the message and in you He will demonstrate that good news. So align yourself with the truth.

In life you will face many challenges. Every challenge requires a response. What has been your response to difficult situations? Do what you know to do? He will show you if you have any doubts. Do not let anything overcome you except sincere love. Remember, at all times He is with you and for you. This is true right now as you read this. He is completely for you. He cannot help Himself, He is passionately in love with you. With your co-operation He will use you to fulfil His plans and purposes.

Don’t allow fear and worry free reign. Recognise it for what it is. A pack of lies. Use your authority. Better still use His. You will see His power. You are an overcomer. What you feel is not a true reflection. Listen to His words about you. Just listen to Him. He speaks life to you. Whereas the enemy speaks fear, worry and death.