How much He loves us. With wild passion and enormous fury. There is nothing gentle about His methods yet He is gentle, kind and forgiving. He is so awesome that it is possible to die in His Presence. He is fearsome otherwise why would demons be scared of us. We are so special to Him, He created everyone of us perfectly to fit into His plan.

Now is the time to show the difference between existing and living. To those existing there is no significance. To those who are living they can never go back to just existing, they would rather die. The enemy robs people of life and replaces it with existence instead. When He shines His light it reveals your true nature and identity. It shows His plans and purposes. He will reveal to those who are seeking what has been hidden. Showing you those things that have been kept in dark places since the beginning of time. Seek His face, seek His Presence and you seek true knowledge and true wisdom. Anything less is just information. Do not teach what you do not believe yourself. Living without believing is an existence without His Presence or His joy.