How great is His love for you. There is no limit to what He will provide for you. There is no limit to what He will do for you.Getting to know Him is the single most important act of will you make. Setting aside time getting to know His ways. Hearing His thoughts. Lining up your desires with His desires. Finding out His loves and His hates.

Just when you think you know Him He reveals more of Himself. Don’t stop seeking Him. Every day He reveals more of His heart. He has been waiting to show you His goodness for a long time. This is the time for Him to reveal hidden treasures. They are revealed just when you aren’t looking. They are hidden in dark places.

Your passion for Him will increase. People will see it. They will see it in you. You are to be captivated by His love. Your heart will sing a new song. You will find a freedom you never thought possible. Before it was just words, now it is a living reality. Just listen to Him and believe. He is telling you the truth. He does not lie nor does He exaggerate. He doesn’t need to do that because He can see right through you. Nothing is hidden. He can see your heart. What you long for the most. The deepest desires of your heart. He knows them. He wants to make His dreams in you live.

Your walk with Him isn’t a fantasy. Nor is it a childish dream based on wishful thinking. It is more real than you. You will never realise your potential by just listening to your own thoughts. When His Spirit inspires your imagination then you will be able to achieve anything.

He is right here right now. He is the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. He is also the God of the now. Right here and right now. There is power in His throne room. There is an anointing for service. As you praise and worship your heart overflows and joy is your watchword. It is your default. This is not a passing fad. It is a deliberate act of your will. Do not to listen to your doubts. Do not be swayed by your feelings. He has got great plans for you. You are more than a spectator.