Don’t think about how you feel. Spend your time thinking what God feels about you. He thinks you are wonderful even if your feelings are contrary. If you feel like rubbish then He doesn’t. To believe the lies about you and about God creates a living hell. Your identity has nothing to do with your successes (or your failures) nor is it about your job title. Your identity is hidden in Him and you’ll have to go into Him to find it. It is all about discovering the real you.

He has poured His life into you so that you can live His kind of life. To understand Him you have to be able to understand the joy He has for you. Despite all the stuff happening in the world He is still the God of joy. He is the God of joy and joy can only be found in Him. Your inheritance and default is joy and peace. We just work hard at covering it up. The more you discover Him the more you discover yourself. You have His DNA moving through you. He made you. You came from Him. Made in His image. To be like Him. You are not a random creation.

There is so much more to come. He is positioning you to experience everything He has stored up for you. It is far more than you can think or imagine. So use your imagination to think big. Let your imagination set you free. Be a person who hungers after the knowledge of Him. Not just book knowledge. Face to face knowledge.

Understand the times you are in. How dark the darkness is but how bright the light is. You need to let go of so many things. Changed thoughts, habits, desires and ambitions. Many of them are bigger than your view of Him. You have a job to do but the job doesn’t control you or have you. You need to let whatever you feel is your area of responsibility go. He doesn’t mean later but right now. Don’t feel guilty about it. Others may want to make you to feel guilty.