History Makers

First of all everyone is a history maker. You impact everyone around you. How you impact them is up to you. We can easily forget our history, those who went before us to shape our future. Some paid a high price for what they did.

This looks at those who had the passion to give everything to follow Jesus. I want to be inspired and to inspire others to ‘go for it’. Cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with Him. Being overwhelmed by His love and carrying that love to others.

It will cost you everything but don’t call it a sacrifice. Love deeply, love sincerely but above all love filled with His love and passion. This is meant to be you, it is not just for other people.

God’s Generals

Roberts Lairdon has written several books on men and women of God who have had a significant impact on the world around them.

They did not always end well but they did have a significant impact in their day and for some we have owe them a debt of gratitude. However we easily forget our own history and do not learn from what they did and how it came that God did some amazing things through them. This is not to idolise them but to learn more about God’s interaction with us and what it could mean for us as a church and more importantly as individuals.

The men and women covered in this book…

  • John Alexander Dowie

  • Maria Woodworth-Etter

  • Evan Roberts

  • Charles F. Parham

  • William J. Seymour

  • John G. Lake

  • Smith Wigglesworth

  • Aimee Semple McPherson

  • Kathryn Kuhlman

  • William Branham

  • Jack Coe

  • A. A. Allen