His power is made perfect in weakness. You will feel vulnerable. It won’t bother you because you will know Him. He is too powerful for anything to faze Him. For His anointing will be on you. His Holy Spirit will fill you and guide you. You will not win arguments with persuasive words. You will simply demonstrate the Spirit’s power. He is with you in power. There is a whole host of angels waiting for His command to help you. Expect the miraculous. Expect to see amazing signs and wonders. There will be extra-ordinary miracles to confirm that He is with you and to confirm His word to you.

The question is are you with Him? Beware of a hardness of heart that prevents you from going into the unfamiliar. You are a follower of Jesus not a follower of comfort. Putting doctrine above a relationship with Him will keep you in bondage. How long will you procrastinate when people are perishing? Don’t be drawn into the hopelessness and apathy that afflicts many. This generation, the one you are part of has not seen the full extent of His power yet. It has not experienced the abundance of His grace nor seen the depth of His goodness and kindness. In this we are to disciple a nation, the task is not too big our view of His ability to work through us is too small.

The church may seem ineffectual to a cynical world but He is anything but and so neither are you. Are prepared to lay your life down for Him? Are you willing to love Him unconditionally? Do you trust Him completely and utterly? Hopefully the answer is yes, if not, do it!