Are you aware how much He loves you? How much He desires the affection of your heart. He doesn’t want you to impress Him with your effort. He wants your devotion. So that your desire is for Him alone and not to impress Him or your peers. How hungry are you? How much do you want to find the place where you can dwell in His presence. Desperation is a person clinging onto dear life. If that is you it is temporary not permanent. He is taking you to a place of peace and rest.

What does God look like to you? Is it based on first hand experience or is it what you read in a book or what you were told at a conference? Changing the way you think will enable you to see Him as He really is. It will open a way for you to begin to understand how He sees you. If you are not sure that you love Him, He knows that. He has no doubts about you but He knows your doubts. Just be willing to lay aside any misunderstandings you have and embrace the reality what is true about Him. He is bringing a much greater revelation of Himself to you. He is exposing you to deeper truths as you set out on this journey of discovery.

He may well remove all your normal reference points. Life may even become less clear. What you thought of as acceptable no longer feels right. This can be very unsettling but it is part of the process. He is getting your focus off yourself and your surroundings back onto Him. You will probably go through a whole catalog of emotions that you didn’t even know you had. Through this, however, you start to see Him more clearly. When you see a glimpse of His glory you will never be the same again. You will lose the sense of desperation and replace it with a confidence in His love. It will not be a struggle and nor will you have to strive. What you will struggle with is yourself as you realise you cannot carry all the baggage on this journey.

He is the God of peace and joy. Therefore, as His child, that should be a hallmark of yours as well. This joy and peace will be at a cellular level. That means it will be automatic, normal and part of your DNA. You won’t have to make a pretence and if anyone was to look at you under the most powerful microscope they would see evidence of Him in every cell in your body. All He asks is for a willing heart in full submission and that you are willing to follow the leading of His Holy Spirit. Make it your aim to be devoted to Him. Turning all your affection towards Him and you will help many to experience the goodness of God for themselves. I am sure you want to see His joy and peace reign over hopelessness and desperation. You can be an oasis of calm in the midst of the angst and chaos around you.

There is no maybe about it, lives will be changed and transformed. He needs you to live firmly in His goodness. To have no doubts about His grace and mercy. Your favour with Him will continue to grow as you rejoice, praise and worship all the time. Let Him be the object of your affection. So that He can release all that He has in store for you. The Holy Spirit is willing to lead you. He will show you the how and the where, so lean on Him and lean into Him. He will be your faithful companion all the days of your life. Be mindful of Him as He teaches you and shows you the path to your destiny.