He wants to lavish His love on you. He wants you to know and to experience His love for you. He wants that for everyone. There is no catch and no hidden agenda here, just love in its very purest form. He wants you to feel His passion for you. He keeps telling you how much He loves you and how much He cares about you. His love has no end so draw close to Him. There is nothing He will be surprised at and nothing that will shock Him. There is nothing to cause Him to reject you.

It is His desire and delight to have you close to Him. To hear His heart beating. You may not feel able to do that or you may not feel worthy. But He is able and He has made you worthy. It is all about the cross and His blood that has been shed. This was done long before you were even born. There is nothing you can do to change it or add to it. You simply have to accept it and believe it.

Through what He has done you can confidently enter His Presence. He gives you that permission. There is nothing to fear or be anxious about. You are always welcome in His Presence.