His joy is your strength. If you draw close to Him you will see, hear, smell, taste and feel His joy. This will strengthen you beyond your normal ability. You can’t create joy and yet your job description is to rejoice at all times. That is an act of your will. Giving thanks to Him in all circumstances is also an act of your will. He never promised that it would be easy.

Counting it pure joy in trials and difficulties is not normal behaviour. It is the response of a believer in the face of challenges. This will mark you out because the norm is to worry. You are expected to embrace the bleak picture. You may well be the only one who sees an opportunity in a problem. If you adopt this approach you will encounter His joy continually. This will strengthen you at the same time.

His joy is complete. There is no lack. Your strength will be drawn from Him. Thanksgiving is the access key to His joy. You need His strength now and at all times. Keep your eyes on Him. Watch what He is doing. Wait on Him. Enjoy Him and His presence. For He takes delight in you. You are made in His image. He wants you to reflect Him, His nature, His heart, His love and His compassion. He is setting you free from the bondage of past experiences. To move you away from a distorted view of yourself and others.

Take time to reflect on Him. It is not a waste of time. He wants you to spend time reflecting and listening. It is a ‘now’ time to study Him. Read His Word and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. There are many who want to be busy but not many who want to stop and listen. He wants your thoughts to be like His thoughts. So that He can bring revelation and understanding to you. You operate at your best when your mind and imagination are free. Keep yourself from distractions. Many things surround you and want your attention so badly. You are responsible for managing how you spend your time. It is a skill which has to be practiced and is one that you can learn. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. So take the time.