Do you think He is trying to make things deliberately hard for you? He doesn’t, in case you are wondering. He encourages people to seek Him and He wants them to find Him. It becomes a challenge for people because they are unwilling to believe in Him despite all the evidence. The world has hardened its heart towards Him. It means that there is a spirit in the world where He is criticised for everything that happens, for everything that is wrong. There is little or no love for Him. There is a lot of religion but little deep felt love and devotion.

He wants you to find the key to unlock His heart so that He can pour out His love and His creation can feel His love. His heart’s cry is for fellowship and communion. Hearts can become calloused from years of listening to lies or half-truths.

Your mind can be full of stuff. The events of the day. Events yet to happen. The pressure of life. The many problems that may or may not happen. The unrealistic expectations of other people. The unreasonable expectations of yourself He has never set.

That is why He may take you somewhere quiet to wait on Him and listen to Him. Even in that place there is still the temptation to pace the floor. Be still and know that He is God. Set your mind to seek Him. Set your heart to know Him for His love knows no bounds. Set your heart to know His goodness. Be determined to prove and experience how good He is.
For that will be a turning point in your life. You don’t have to feel anything. Don’t attach an emotional feeling to God. This can be unreliable. You will experience the depth of His heart. The shear depth of His love and compassion for you and for everyone else whoever or whatever they are. You will know how He feels about a lost world where people are hurting and without hope.

He may have stretched you to your limit. Maybe even brought you to the brink of what you would call failure or disaster and feelings of deep despair. Why? Because He wants to increase your capacity to love, to know His love and to show His kind of love.