Do you know His heart? The extent of His love for you? It never ceases, never runs out, always, always loves you. Never forget that His love is always for you. The heart of God was laid bare on the cross when His son was crucified. Do you know the depth of Jesus’ love for you?

Do you feel that time is passing you by? If so use the time you do have wisely. There is a reason for what is happening to you now. It requires a good response. The Holy Spirit is perfectly placed to help you make good decisions. Don’t get drawn into what others are doing. Make it your priority to seek Him for yourself. He is preparing you for your future and the moment is fast approaching. He wants you ready. Strengthen yourself daily.

If He has spoken to you either through the still small voice or through a prophetic word, heed it. Whatever ever He has planned for you get yourself ready. Be ready because you don’t know either the time or the place. Don’t assume anything.

The greatest challenge you face is when nothing is happening. At those times it is quite understandable to get frustrated and be impatient. This can lead to doubt and striving. Don’t give any opportunity for them to grow, they all feed off each other. The enemy wants to thwart you and he will try to throw you off balance. Be still and be ready, wait on Him, listen to Him. Listen to the voice of His Spirit. When you can, drink deep from that well you will need all His sustenance.

When you follow Him don’t be surprised when people are mystified by your decisions you make. What you see may be at different to what others hear and see. He will show you a glimpse of your future in Him and the process is preparing you for that time.

Some people are just responding to the here and now and are being tossed around in a storm of circumstances and feelings. Speak to the storm and still it, so that others can see the coming wave of His Spirit. It is not just a demonstration of His power but a demonstration of His love and His heart.

It will be a wave of passion, with a depth and conviction yet unseen. The desire to sin will evaporate because your eyes will turn to Him and you will find yourself running into His welcome embrace.