The anointing grows the more you listen and respond to Him. He is holding nothing back from you. He is offering you a simple life of obedience filled with joy. It will not look much to others but they will be jealous and envious of what you have. You will have great peace and joy the sort the world can only dream of.

The world uses a different measuring stick for success. You will be able to feel and measure His pleasure. You will experience His goodness where you are and then some more. Abundance is your inheritance. So much so that you will have more than enough to give away. Your inheritance is hidden in Him. He is your inheritance. He is your future your reward. He will be your strength in times of hardship because you will know Him so well. Others may know about Him but you will know Him. His joy is complete in you.

Your past is no reflection of your future. His grace is more than sufficient. He is the all sufficient One.