Your favour with Him will grow as you allow Him to have greater rule and reign in your life. His desire is to show you more favour. He wants to draw you ever closer to Him. His passion is for you to see His heart and to know His desires. Favour comes with time, it doesn’t happen overnight. You start with little and then it grows. The more you yield to Him the faster it grows. He looks at the heart not the outward because your heart doesn’t lie. He wants you to understand His ways and to know what pleases Him. This is not to earn brownie points in heaven.

It is so true that you can have a deep, solid and wonderful relationship with the creator God. He is not hiding Himself from you and yet He asks you to seek Him out. That can seem illogical. He is not even looking for just quality time. He is looking for quantity as well. He will bring the quality into the relationship. He is transforming you into His likeness so the more time you spend with Him, the more you become like Him. There isn’t any other way, there are no short cuts. The pressure of life and the demands of the world would prevent you from spending any time with Him. Don’t play into their hands.

There is an emptiness in people’s lives that only He can fill. There are resistant forces that wants to keep you from being fulfilled. We do not really understand the human condition if we are perfectly honest. We think we know how to sort problems out with our intellect. He wants you to know that your (or anyone else’s) attempts at fixing the deepest need in someone is nothing compared to what He can do in an instant. Only He can fill that void. No one else has the depth of understanding of the human condition. Only He can repair the damage, heal the hurt.

He restores complete health and balance but He doesn’t do it in isolation. He is looking to enlist the help of those who are willing to stand in the gap so He can fill the gap. He is looking for those who will intercede, who will declare, pray and release His goodness. He has put His Spirit in you so that you will know the truth. The truth that sets you free. It allows you to set others free.

The season of repair is beginning. He is in the business of building bridges between Himself and those who are lost. His heart goes out to those who are wandering around in darkness and have never seen the light of His goodness. The light they will see will be your light which will lead them to His Light. The greater light. He has not brought you into a season or a place of darkness and desolation. It is a place of preparation for your light to shine bright.

You are doing well but this is just the beginning. He will put you in places of influence to make a difference. You will be influential but there won’t be a title attached, it will be just you and Him. It will be a demonstration of His power and He doesn’t give it to anyone. He release His power to those whom He can trust to use it wisely. Particularly to those who are not wise in their own eyes but understand their utter dependency on Him. Your reliance on Him and trust in Him has to be absolute. When you know that you cannot make it without Him, not one step.

He is your total source for life itself. You will become dependent on Him. You cannot function without Him. The alternative is to fill your life with stuff that can never satisfy. When you have tasted of Him and His glory nothing will satisfy you again. Rejoice in that. It has been His plan from the beginning. It is His way to draw all people to Himself. He loves you that much. He wants to release His power, wisdom and great insight. You will lack no good thing if you remain faithful to Him. You will see His goodness. You will see His provision and favour.