He delights in you and He loves to be with you. Often it is to simply talk and to listen. Not so much about doing. There will be plenty of doing because He wants you to give it away but He is not impressed with just being busy. Your challenge is make sure that your friendship with Him is not just maintained but strengthened. Much will happen that would like to break it, devalue it or destroy it. It is the most important relationship you will ever have. Every other relationship stems from this, whether it is with your spouse, children, parents or friends. Your relationship with Him comes first and is foremost. You want that relationship and He wants that relationship. So nothing can stop you, can it?

There is a battle. Don’t be surprised. Other things will distract you or pull on you. Your mind isn’t totally made up yet. It isn’t the only thing that you want. So you are going to have to decide what you want. Do you want Him more than anything? The worldly stuff and other things are very enticing and attractive. They are not bad, they just feel more immediate, necessary and real.

When people see the power of God released they suddenly want that added to their list of experiences. Understandably they want to see the manifestation of God in their lives. However, the feelings and the experiences that are associated with it will not satisfy very long before people move on to the next thing. There is no root. The talk is of things not Him. It is seen time and time again. The miraculous signs themselves don’t draw people to Him necessarily. They can cause division and strife in the church. His heart is what draws people together.

You may be wondering why He does them at all if they seem to cause so many problems. The reasons are simple because for some people it does draw them to Him. The signs and wonders act as a catalyst. People cannot necessarily agree on them but few ignore them. They expose the motives and desires of men’s hearts. Whether they are right or otherwise.