Watch yourself, don’t compare yourself to others or try to copy them. Find those who have a passion for Jesus, seek them out and see what manner of life they live. Imitate them but don’t copy them. Seek Him who knows you best of all, who made you and created you for a singular purpose. Only He knows the real purpose you are here and He wants you to know it direct from Him not second hand. In your weakness He can demonstrate His glorious, unrivalled power. He has chosen you for that reason so that you can only boast in Him.

You know that you could achieve nothing of your own. He is not impressed by our individual efforts. For all that you have is what He gave you in the first place. Make every effort to have a gentle spirit and be full of His love and compassion. Even what you think of as just a natural ability He can use it, by His Spirit, so that you will see what He can do with you. He will increasing your capacity to show lovingkindness. If you tried to love like Him it would overwhelm you. Your emotions and you would not be able to cope with the need around you. All He asks is that you play your part in expressing His love for people not just reacting to all the need around you for your emotional benefit

He does need to do a bit of work in you. He wants to upgrade you and that might hurt a bit. He does this because He doesn’t want you to burn out. He doesn’t want you to give up or back away from the increasing challenges He sets before you. It is going to require patience, perseverance but above all a determination to trust Him no matter what.

As your capacity to love Him and those around you increases He will waste no time filling you more and more. Make it your aim to spend as much time in His Presence as you can. It is never a waste of time. It is essential for your spiritual health and well being.

Accept whatever He sets before you. Work through it. Receive gladly everything He gives you and be ready to bless others with it. It will fill your heart with such joy as you have never experienced before. You will experience His deepest joy.