There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do. There is a power that is not readily available to everyone. It comes through faith and it comes by grace. It isn’t earned. You have the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus and on your spiritual heroes of the past. You will have your own anointing. You are to encourage others with your own anointing. It comes down to individual responses but there is no favouritism. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your title or role in the church is. If you are willing He will use you to the limit of your imagination. This is only through exercising the faith He has given you and receiving the grace He pours out on you. You go to Him first and not just copy others.

You will not have any idea of what may happen, you cannot control Him nor your future. If you have asked for increase, for power or a breakthrough you will get it. When this happens it will certainly rock your world. Don’t be discouraged if initially you see nothing happening for at any moment you will not be able to recognise yourself and wonder how you ever got here. He is the God of the breakthrough. He looks to see who is willing. Who is hungry and who is thirsty. Seek Him faithfully and get yourself ready. Don’t worry if you don’t feel it but rest assured your prayers have come up to Him. He knows what your deepest desires are because He made you with them preinstalled.

But only when they are released from the hiding place does He hear them and smell the rich aroma of your prayers. That aroma comes up to heaven. He knows the passion that is in your heart. You want to see His kingdom and His glory because you have sought after Him. The battle for you has been fierce because the enemy knows what will happen when you get the breakthrough. There will be no stopping you. There is very little you need to do except persevere and strengthen your desire for Him. His Spirit has been sent to help strengthen you.

He also sends His angels to minister to you. They have been assigned to you. If your desire is to see healing, extra-ordinary miracles and signs and wonders, they will happen. Don’t put your trust in other men and women but only in Him and at all times look to Him.